about me

Calliope is a professional freelance artist from Athens, Greece. She comes from an artistic family, and she graduated from: Athens Superior School of Fine Arts in 1986 and Vacalo College Athens Design in 1980 She has displayed her artwork in a number of personal exhibitions in various galleries , including: 2016 NY General Consulate of Greece 2015 Bezirk Schwetzingen e.V. Schwetzingen/Germany Museum of Minoritten of Graz in Austria, 2013Gallery Pinelo/Istanbul, House of Art Stavrakas Patmos, Gallery Lola Nikolaou, Agathi Gallery, Epohes Gallery, House of Cypys, the Kydonieos Foundation Gallery, and the Challiot Gallery in Paris. She has also participated in group exhibitions, including one at the BP Oil Gallery in Brussels and another at the Goulandris Museum on the Greek island of Andros . Some of her other projects include illustrating comic books for the Olympic Truce Center and having her artwork installed in Athens Metro Stations. She worked as an art director in many productions /events shows /concerts